Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tri-ProSoap Article

In 2004, the marketing efforts of ProSoap.com were concentrated in traditionally dirty hand hobbies, particularly car racing. One small problem, I knew NOTHING about car racing. Although the marketing budget allocated towards sponsoring car racing teams was a small percentage of our total efforts, ProSoap still wanted to make it effective.  

I worked with these car teams for years providing support and even attempted signing on car teams on my own, but the bottom line was that I didn't understand a word coming out of their gas burning mouth. I just don't have any passion about the sport of car racing.

That all changed early March 2008 when a group of four buddies were discussing the upcoming triathlon season.  Billy Self, Trey Austin, Chase Ingraham, and Travis Wolthier thought it would be fun to be on a team while competing at area events.  The idea quickly came up to make our own team, which instantly required the need for a name.  "How about Tri-ProSoap? Get it? I want people to tri our hand cleaner!" I yelled. The launch of the newest green racing team began and followed with a website (www.Tri-ProSoap.com) and the addition of the 5th member, Jason Ross, owner of Rockwall Cycling LLC.  We knew we wanted to partner with the local bike shop to promote biking in our community.  Finally, a racing team that I was passionate about that ProSoap can support and grow through the triathlon community.  

The original members desired to have a purpose for our team to promote the world of multisport, as well as a community of green recreational activity. 

Team's Mission Statement: Tri-ProSoap supports racing in a clean environment to the best of our ability. Created to support green living and outdoor recreational racing, Tri-ProSoap is a group of dedicated racers in North Texas that strive to enhance our physical abilities. Being involved in the Tri-ProSoap movement is a significant step towards more awareness of runners and bikers on our roads.

Team Motto: "It never gets easier, just faster", which describes our passion for improvement and commitment to reaching our goals.

The Tri-ProSoap.com team is now up to 19 members and growing.  We are lucky enough to have elite triathletes on our team, including world championship participants (Ryan Cooper & Mark Saroni), multiple full Ironman triathletes (Barry Brooks, Brian Young), and a handful of podium finishers (Chase Ingraham, Tim Hartley, Heather Diamond, and Louie Corwin) at regional events.  

The Tri-ProSoap.com team has truly made a name for itself in the inaugural team season at area events with the addition of the team race jersey and plenty of top finishes.  
Anyone can visit the website to see the requirements for joining us.  Again, our mission statement is to support green racing, which anyone can be a part of in our community.  

It never gets easier, just faster

Billy Self 
Team Captain

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