Monday, January 19, 2009

15k - Too Cold to Hold... and how....

By Billy Self:

Saturday was the first race since the White Rock Marathon for me. It was a beautiful chilly Saturday morning, perfect for the Run-On "Too Cold to Hold" 15k at White Rock Lake that I was going to do with Brooke Rossman. My buddies that live on the same street as me, Michael and Justin, rode out with me and it was their first 15k run. They were pumped, as seen after they both drank big cups of Starbucks from the Garland Road store (Justin later regretted this decision as he had to pee really bad most of the race).

The weather looked to be in the lower 40's when we showed up to the race site, and I decided to go with a wicker-beanie, long-sleeve polypro, and shorts. This ended up being cold at the starting line, but was the perfect amount of clothes for the entire race. I was hot at mile 8 and took off the beanie. I think it was in the mid-50's at that point. The wind was 5-10 mph from the Southeast and made for a pleasant back side run on the lake.

Brooke and I decided we would shoot for a 7:30 pace average for the 15k (9.36 miles). We started off with a bang and a 7:33 split for mile 1. For the first time ever, I remembered to hit the split button on my watch at every mile. Kinda neat to see how our pace changed throughout the race. Here it is:

Mile 1: 7:33
Mile 2: 7:44
Mile 3: 7:46
Mile 4: 7:46
Mile 5: 8:07 - not sure why we slowed down here...but picked it back up when we noticed.
Mile 6: 7:44
Mile 7: 7:50
Mile 8: 7:35
Mile 9: 7:24
Final 0.36 miles to the finish: 2:10

We're happy with it and loved the weather (not to rub it in)... and they had awesome burritos at the finish. Oh, and Brooke had an awesome surge at the last 100 yards that almost left me in the dust, but I was barely able to maintain. Nice job, Brooke.

Next on the board is a possible appearance at the Cowtown Half Marathon. Other than that, make as many showings at the Rockwall Cycling group rides on Saturday mornings at 7:30am or Sunday afternoons at 2pm. Be there or be square.

"Glad to be Here!"

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