Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tim Hartley: Fast and Furious Du

Fast and Furious Duathlon Recap:
Woke up, and not to my surprise, temps in the 50's and wind around 25 mph. It felt like all the other weekend days we've had this spring. Drove to Joe Pool and got set up to race. My first du and wasn't sure how it all worked. Fortunately, Barry's dear friend Jack was there to help clear up my confusion! 1st leg was a 2 mile run. Felt ok and averaged a 8:13 pace. 1st bike leg winding around about a mile before getting to the dam - what a treat the wind was. A partial tailwind on the way out and then a mostly headwind on the way back in. 2nd run leg averaged 8:23 pace. Last bike leg was great and I actually felt stronger and was 34 seconds faster than on the 1st leg. Averaged right at 20mph on the bike. Finished 1st Masters Clydesdale, 1st overall Clydesdale and 35th overall.
BIG thanks to Coach Dawdy! Because of his coaching, diet monitoring (which has resulted in a 15lb loss) my endurance and strength is much better than ever before. Hopefully, I'll stay healthy all season!

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Nothing new said...

Good job on the race man! It sounds like your run times have improved since last season already. I'll see you this saturday at your 5k!