Monday, May 25, 2009

Dian's Rotary Race

Event: Rock Rotary

Class: F 40-44

Results: 1st AG

Local knowledge
Raced this course for my very 1st TRI. We drove the course on Saturday and knew what to expect. I knew that the run, or at ;east part, was goingto be muddy.

Pre Race
My strategy was to arrive at transition early and scope out my AG compitition. I was asked by several 1st timers about what to expect. I was happy to help and assisted them in T set up. I spent so much time doing this, I missed my usual pool warm up! Not complaining because I remember how nervous I was (and still am) before a race. Especially my 1st. That is one of the things I love about TRI. Just about everyone helps everyone else. No matter what class or skill level. I have been helped by countless racers.

I am ALWAYS nervous before a race. I focus on each personal goal I have set. This one was not to panic in the pool, avgerage 20 on the bike and hit 8 min on the run.

Recheck Cateye. It was not working during race (was before) so I had to go on feeling. I think I could have pushed more on the bike.

Shorter T times, get that Flying Mount down and cut swim by 38 sec. Push harder thru the entire race. I felt I had too much left afterwards.

A bit of coffee, PB and honey and 1 GU. I really hydrate days prior so I won't need much during a sprint.

I was really motivated by seeing so many teamamtes out there. Lots of encouraging words. Esp. on the run.

I am glad there is not a pic of my shamu style flop exiting the pool!!!

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