Friday, June 5, 2009

Event: 2nd Annual Cleburne Ironhorse Sprint

Class:M 35-39

9th of 28 AG/30th overall

Local Knowledge:
Raced this one last year and got 5th AG and 16th overall. I knew the course was a fast one. The swim is really cool. It is an outside pool. It is a snaked swim, but wide lanes so passing was not an issue.
The bike was mostly flat with a few "hills" thrown in for good measure. There was nothing rolling about it. Flat, then hill, then flat again. No downhill before the up, but still fast.
The run was a straight out and back. The out was an incline for 1.55 miles, but the return was fast. It is a pretty tough run because of the start so I felt like a slug at first and thought my run was not going to be as fast as I wanted.

Strategy and Psychology:
My strategy was the same as any race. Some PB and honey, watered down sports drink and focus on goals and size up competition.

Goals and skills executed:
My goals were to improve on last years time and finish higher in the standings. Well, I hit the fiorst goal. I bettered my time by 3 mins!! I had a PR swim, faster bike (20.2 mph) and a faster run (6:55 mile). All faster than last year. The second goal was revised from going for a top 5 to a top 10 when I saw who was racing. A few guys that I knew were monsters in my AG. A couple of TRI trainers and ones that I knew were overallers in previous races. So, I told my self to focus on bettering my time and go for a top 10 and I got both.
My T1 and T2 were good due to the skills from the clinic and executed well.

I felt and raced pretty well even though I had spent most of the previous week at Adventure Camp with 107 5th graders and I didn't get in the training I usually do and very little sleep.

Something Funny:
Standing in line for the swim talking to another racer (#83, I was #84) he told me that the only thing he had going for him was that he was a CAT 1 road racer and a 4 min miler in HS. Of course he was my AG...... I was like GREAT! I passed him in the swim, but a few mins into the bike........ZOOM........he wasn't lying! I crushed him in the run tho...........he got me by a couple mins in the overall..........NEXT TIME HE'S MINE!!!!!!!! bwwaaaahaaahaaa


Katie Self said...

Nice recap buddy.. you'll get 'em next time. way to go!

Katie Self said...

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