Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Race Recap: CapTex - Greg Diamond

Event: CapTex 09

Location: A-town

Class (yours): 35-39

Results: 25th out of 190

Local Knowledge and Conditions: Raced the sprint in 08. Conditions were perfect. Congress was in session and the bike route was changed slightly (2 extra climbs were added).

Pre-Race Strategy & Warm Up: First Olympic distance in a few yrs, so I just wanted to run a clean race and figure out how much to push according to what my body was telling me.

Psychology: After 3 yrs of racing with week of and pre-race jitters and nearly giving up the sport entirely, I made a promise to myself to forget the results and merely enjoy the experience. This decision has totally changed the dynamic of racing for me. I really enjoy the camaraderie and the feeling of accomplishment.

Lessons Learned (Or Re-Learned): I have ability to perform and have a good race with limited training. By choice, I adhere to the quality over quantity training theory. It keeps me motivated and I avoid burnout. Life Balance is a priority. After years of competing at the highest level of junior and adult tennis, I found out the hard way the negative effects of overtraining. Burnout is imminent and recognizing those signs early can save you.
This is a lesson I learned early on and it becomes evident in every event I watch or race - Check your ego at the door. There is always someone faster. Accept it and run your own race.

Future Goals (include skills executed well and skills needing improvement): There is major room for improvement in each discipline. However, I'm thoroughly happy with my splits. Mid pack swim time (28 min), 22.2 mph bike avg, 7:28 per mile run pace. Not sure I will ever change my training program as I have found that perfect balance. If the moons align perfectly and I have some sort of an epiphany that I have to race Ironman, then I'll re-visit the training regime.

Fitness (endurance, nutrition, hydration): I feel like I'm in great shape. After racing very lean the last two seasons, I decided to pack on the muscle/weight I had lost. Up 10lbs already and although some may argue this could slow me down, I felt I had more in the tank towards the end of the race. My goal is 10-15 more lbs. If this affects my performance on the race course, then I'm more than willing to accept that result.
Nutrition: Pre-race - 2 grape uncrustables, banana, gatorade. 3 hammer gels during race. Juan in a Million breakfast burritos, Dr. Pepper post-race.

Looking forward to racing with the Pro-Soap team this season. Congrats to everyone who towed the line at CapTex. Well done!!

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