Monday, July 27, 2009

Tim Hartley @ Waco Olympic

The Brazos was super clean - best water I've raced in. The swim was ok but at about 1200 meters, the sprint people and the olympic people merged onto the same course. Man, a lot of choppy water and slow swimmers - yes even slower than I! Exit of the swim was a long run to the bike and that's when I knew I was in trouble. My batteries just weren't fully charged. The bike was a nice flat course with minimal wind but I just could not get my watts into even a training level pace. Off the bike and another long T run to the run course. I haven't done a lot of racing and certainly haven't been to Lubbock, but the hills in Cameron Park were wicked steep! I attempted to run up the first one and then maybe the third one but spent the remainder walking. At this point, the batteries were just about to die. Thankfully, an angel named Patti ran by me and said, "come on Rockwall!" Patti's encouragement was such a blessing! I mananged to finish the race, but can certainly say that was not my best effort!

*Note from Billy... Although it was a painful race, Tim still came home with a 1st place AG in Clydesdale! Nice job buddy!

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