Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Annual Prairie Trail Off Road TRI

Michael Stampley (35-39)

Results: 4th/24 AG/20th overall

Locale: Loyd Park @ Joe Pool Lake

Local Knowledge:
I knew nothing of the course except for what we inquired about from the IronHead people and and friend of Dian's. We found out that the bike trail was flat and wide. Also that alot of the trail (a 12 mile course) was fresh cut and we were to expect and prepare for possible flat tires. They did STRONGLY suggest running Slime tubes, which I did. I am so very glad I did. Within the 1st mile or so I passed at least 3 people on the side changing tubes and probably 15 or so during the race.
The trail also was pretty sandy in spots and if you were not used to handling your bike thru sand, it could be tricky. I am sure glad I have a MTB background! The swim was just like the Metro and the run was a full on trail run. Overall a great course and event and I am looking forward to next year.

Pre-race strategy:
I went into this race looking to have fun. If I did well, it would just be a bonus! I was really excited about this race. I really tried to hydrate all week. Rested well and did the usual morning routine of PB and honey, light mix of water and Poweraide type stuff and 1 GU before the swim.
Just went out there and had some fun. Also, this was a good friend of mine's "motivation to get into shape race" and I was excited for him to be there and race.

Enjoy the race!:) Swim well as I can (set a PR if the course was accurate, but my wave also walked/ran about 1/4 the way to the 1st bouy!!!), find a good pace and hammer the bike as well as keep the rubber to the dirt! Also I was going to put gloves on to pad the hands a bit, but after trying to get one on, I ditched that plan! Run like I know I can. I did a 7:18 pace for the 3.1 over uneven ground and trail. I was pleased.

Something Funny:
I don't know if it was "funny", but I was talking to another athlete and we were discussing the swim start and how bumpy it can be with all the other swimmers and he went to describe how a lady swimmer had run up on him and he accidently kicked her in the face. He came up because he knew he got someone( a good sportsmanship if you ask me!) and the girl proceded to cuss him out and she tried to rip his timing chip off when they commenced swimming!!!!! I told him sounds just like the girl who splashed me at the metro!

Also told 2 others about Pro Soap when they asked!

Future Goals:
Do this race again and find some more off road TRIs. Maybe an XTERRA.

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