Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brett Bartlett @ Tri-Rock!

Green Member: Brett Bartlett

Event: TriRock

Location: Rockwall

Class (yours): 30-34

Results: 7th AG, 30th Overall

Local Knowledge and Conditions: Did this race last year so I had a basic knowledge of what to expect. Crowded pool, hills and part cross country run.

Pre-Race Strategy & Warm Up: Was able to sneak in a few strides while Drill Sergeant Jack was conducting his pre-race diatribe.

Psychology: Stay relaxed and keep breathing in check.

Lessons Learned (Or Re-Learned): Run based on how I feel and don't rely on mile markers, they are usually off.

Future Goals (include skills executed well and skills needing improvement): I shaved off 10 min. from last year and pr'ed in all three disciplines, but I need to spend more time in the saddle. "rolling hills" are mountains to me.

Fitness (endurance, nutrition, hydration): Got lucky with the weather, so hydration and nutrition were not a much a factor.

Something funny that happened: nothing of note

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