Sunday, August 23, 2009


Team Member: Dian Fiala F 40-44

Event: Tri Rock Rockwall

Results: 3rd AG

Local Knowledge:
I have now raced this course 3 times!!! So I knew it very well. This race was my 1st TRI last yr!! My 1st full yr of racing TRIs is now complete, but far from over!!!!!!

Pre Race:
I have been nursing a hurt back/leg for a while now, so I spent the days prior icing and stretching and having slower paced runs for a while............:(
I warmed up with a light run and I managed to get in the pool for a few laps.

Freakin' NERVOUS! Why do I still get so jittery before races? I know the drill and what to expect. When does that stop??? I felt good otherwise......I just wanted to have a good race.

Lessons learned:
Today I seeded myself WAY back in the swim (302) Many PROSOAPERS were done by the time I got in the pool!:) However, I wasn't passed and had a pretty clear swim!*** I know this worked well for me because I wasn't all stressy after the swim. Oh yeah, don't leave an unwrapped PB and honey sandwich on your T towel...........ants seem to like it...

Future Goals: Get to the Dr. and get back to 100%!!!

Something Funny: ***Was in a head on collision in the swim with a girl swimming on the wrong side. I got the mark on my forehead to show for it..........I look like Harry Potter!

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