Wednesday, August 5, 2009

JULY - Athlete of the Month: Scott Ervin

After many votes from Green members, the July Athlete of the Month goes to Scott Ervin.

Scott races in the Male 45-49 Age Group and this year has really turned on the dedicated training. Although he is still going for the AG podium, he has lost a considerable amount of weight this season and made big improvements in all aspects of multisport. Scott's performance at the Disco Olympic was very impressive and he left that event pumped up and ready to tackle River Cities Tri in Louisiana. Scott even competed in a local duathlon to improve his bike/run transitions. We are very happy to see his training and proper nutrition paying off in big leaps.

Everytime I speak with Scott he is excited about the next event, next training session, or team social. In fact, Scott offers a tremedous amount of support to the team by hosting our team parties. Scott recognizes one of the most important aspects of our team, and that is comroderie and fellowship. Tri-ProSoap is more than gaining points, it's about cheering each other on, getting to know our team members, and to enjoy our hobby to the best of our ability.
If we aren't having fun, it seems silly to continue.
Making sure that his training does not take over other aspects of his life is very evident. He is a successful dentist here in Rockwall and Dad to a big family that no doubt has a lot on the board. Good job at keeping everything in perspective.

Scott also offers great words of encouragement to the other Green Racers on the team. Scott will get to the next levels of triathlon very soon, so to you upper level green racers, watch your six! He is putting in great efforts at many events this year and really racking up the participation for our team.

So, here's to Scott Ervin...this Bud's for you!

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