Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blackland TRI

Event: 2nd Blackland TRI
Locale: Oak Point Center, Plano, TX
Class: M 35-39
Results: 14th/50 AG, 49th overall of 500 or so

Local Knowledge/Conditions:
Raced here last year, but they changed the course so it was new to me. We drove the bike theday before so we knew of the 2 "climbs" on the 2 loop bike course. The last 1/2 mile or so finished in thick grass, which slowed the pace down a bit. It got really warm really fast since it was an 8:45 am start. The bike course was described as "hilly and fast" and it was that.

Pre Race Strategy & Warm up:
The problem with this race was that since it is a late start, we got there over 2 hours early to get set up and avoid the line to get marked, I was warmed up and ready to race but still had to wait to start.....but it worked out it the end. Ran some, swam a lap ......stretched, the ususal.

I really wanted a good finish. Top 10 was the goal. I knew that a lot of strong racers were out there and it was going to be a fast race. I was ready to get the race going. I was 97th into the pool. As I went to jump in, I slipped. Scared the #@$@# out of me! I hit the water like a ton of bricks. I had to quickly gather my composure and settle into my stroke. My heart rate spiked, then I got into a rythm. The 1st loop on the bike went by very quickly. The 2nd even faster. I felt great. Averaged 20.4. The run fell into place. I had a slower run than I wanted (7:22 pace) but I think everyone's was a bit slower because of the heat and the long field we had to run in at the end. I was 6th fastest in AG. After a small pity party for myself after not getting top 10, I saw my splits and was pretty pleased. It as a tough group of racers.

Lessons Learned:
Stay focused at all times. 1. The pool slip. B. Had to dodge a very large family with small kids and baby buggies that decided to take water from the 1st water stop on the run.........ARG! Say nothing......keep running...............

Oh, at this race the faster you finish, the more free beer you get at the end!!!:)

Was well nurished and hydrated. I have had to skip some workouts in the past few weeks because of my Dad's health, but the long hours of training have done it's job.

Dian's new Purple have to see these.

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Billy Self said...

That is awesome.. Glad you had some good splits. keep shooting for the top 10, you'll get it soon enough.

I wanna see Dian's shoes!