Friday, October 2, 2009

Michael Stampley @ Stonebridge TRI

Event: Stonebridge Tri
Location: McKinney, TX
Class: M 35-39
Results: 8th/39 AG 43rd overall
Local Knowledge and conditions:
I raced this course as my 2nd ever TRI 2 yrs ago. I had forgotten how rough the run was at this race. The weather was almost perfect!
Pre Race Strategy and warmup:
My strategy was pretty simple: Focus and beat my time from 2 years ago. Also, not fall down trying to get out of the wetsuit since I had never raced in one before! I got in a good run and was nice and warmed up before the race started.
Just race and beat my former time. Which I did by 2 mins.
Lessons Learned:
Wetsuits really do make you buoyant!
Future Goals:
Keep working and training to get faster in all areas. Take the "off season" to rest, repair and prepare. I bump up to the 40-44 next yr and that is crazy fast.
Something Funny:
Nothing really, but it has been a productive and fun season. I improved all my times in every repeat race. I even had a few 4th and 5th places this year, which is a great accomplishment for me based on only 2 top 10s in the previous race seasons. I attribute that to having such a great and supportive team with PROSOAP and Dian at home.

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