Saturday, July 24, 2010

Race recap for Michael Stampley at Disco. A hot race!


> Event: Disco Olympic
> Location: Denton, TX/Lake Ray Roberts
> Class: M 40-44
> Results:11th AG/ 65th overall
> Local Knowledge and conditions: I have raced this course 2 times
> before so I knew the course. This day was somewhat breezy and VERY
> hot. Runners were dropping quickly due to the heat. The bike seemed
> a bit more bumpy than I remember, I think it had been grated recently.
> Pre-race strategy and warm up: I really wanted to break 2:30 and I
> knew it would be tough because of the heat and hit and miss training
> over the past few weeks having to be back and forth to be with mom,
> but I just was going to go out and race and I did. I ran some and
> stretched like usual and waited to start.
> Psychology: I planned to just race and push if I could. The swim was
> tough for me because of the wave action of the far stretch, but
> still was mid pack. Bike a good head wind at the turn around but
> managed a decent bike. The run was a beating.....I felt good, but I
> was cautious to push to hard due to the 90+ degress plus humidity. I
> knew I was hydrated because I actually had to stop and pee!! Even
> with the pit stop and having to stop in the crowded water stations,
> I was still 7th fastest of 31 in my AG on the run.
> I did not beat my goal. As a matter of fact, I had my worst time on
> that course EVER, but finished higher tha ever....go figger. I
> attribute that to the heat.
> Something learned/relearned: Conditions differ every race so times
> are not the end all be all. My CapTex finish (33rd/147) was better
> over a longer course, but it was a bit cooler.
> Something Funny: The only thing I can think of was went I was in the
> long line for the bathroom to ladies (looking a little to made up to
> be racing but were) looked at the line and stated "they expect us to
> wait in THAT line? I don't think so....." and proceded to find a
> volunteer to ask about different accomodations...the volunteer just
> smiled and pointed to the end of the line...HA!!
> Good to see some fellow Pro Soapers out there and doing so well!

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