Sunday, August 22, 2010

Billy Self at Tri-Rock Sprint

Green Member: Billy Self

Event: Tri-Rock Kiwanis Sprint

Location: Aquatic Center, Rockwall, TX. (Hartley, you forgot to tell your wife it wasn't at the YMCA anymore)

Class (yours): Male 25-29

Results: 3rd Overall, 2nd Age Group. (3rd Tri-ProSoaper too)

Local Knowledge and Conditions: Weather was in the mid 80's during the race, right? Southerly breeze 10-15mph. First time to do this course since I volunteered in May's event. I use this course training often but this is first time to not worry about stop signs on John King.

Pre-Race Strategy & Warm Up: Got away from chatty kathy Tim Hartley at 6:27am for a light jog, side to sides, pick ups, and light stretching. Total 200 yards. Made final adjustments to my area and went to the pool for quick swim. I jumped in right as they blew the whistle for the meeting. I swam 100 meters moderate all the same. Hopped out and stretched more during meeting. Tried to focus on my goals and effort for the race.

Psychology: I was a head case today. First sprint race in 12 months (this race last year). I don't know why I let crap get to me. I was pumped and nervous at the same time. The ramp up for clearwater started 2 weeks ago and my body is getting used to that still. I was kinda rested for this race. 10 hours of sleep on friday night, but only 5 hours of sleep Saturday night (my grandmother's 80th birthday was last night in Cowtown. Love her, she is hip!). I wanted to have fun trying to remember what a sprint was all about.

Lessons Learned (Or Re-Learned): Check and recheck brake pads when borrowing wheels. I heard the brake the moment I did my mount. I can't believe I made such a mistake. I debated stopping to fix it but then talked myself out of it on Justin Rd when my speed didn't seem too handicapped. I thought it was the rear brake by the sound. Turns out, at the half way point, I looked down and it was the front brake. So I flipped up the lever. Didn't notice a difference, but all the same. Mentally, I was trashed. Cooper had gained quite a bit on me in the first half. (He started the bike probably less than 30 seconds behind me). I thought he was going to catch me before T2. He didn't.... yet.

After a decent dismount and T2 off to the run. I refused to look back for Cooper. I started feeling twinges in my calves like a cramp might be coming (never did, Thank God) on the back side of the stadium. It was the first aid station before I felt in a good groove of pain. At the first turn around, there was Cooper, about 40-50 yard behind me. I would much rather be the hunter, than hunted. Dawdy was so far ahead that I couldn't see him. At the half way mark, Cooper had closed the gap to less than 20 yards. Before we got to the service road, he passed me (graciously). I gave it what I could to stay with him but with little success. I actually got a slight side stomach stitch behind the stadium coming into the finish. Just weird... I never get those.

Future Goals (include skills executed well and skills needing improvement): Continue to have fun at races that are not a focal point in the year. I had a great time. I wrote a little deeper mentally than I usually do with hopes that maybe others would open up a little too. By no means do I want to list excuses or show less than optimal gratitude. This is just honestly how I felt.

Fitness (endurance, nutrition, hydration): I heart Vita-mix. Nutrition is top notch because of Katie Self. She's the best. Hydration has also been great for weeks. Still averaging 225 ounces of quality liquids per day. Can't get enough in this heat. Endurance, I wasn't set up for today. Cooper gave some great feedback about my run that was helpful. After the mid-point in the run, my running posture/form changed from great to less than decent. Dawdy said the same thing of last year's event. So definitely a focus point for me going into later events.

Something funny that happened: Watching Hartley get torn into by the ART therapy doctor. You'd think a guy who has done some pretty tough activities in his time would be able to handle a little pressure on the legs.

PS. I just noticed how much I harped on Hartley in this post...

PPS. Thank you Katie, Mom & Dad for coming to watch and support. Love getting cheers from family!

Glad To Be Here!

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