Monday, October 11, 2010

Michael Stampley's Race Recap for US Open in Rockwall

Event: US Open Olympic
Location : The Harbor in Rockwall, TX
Age Group: M 40-44
Results : 23/74
Local Knowledge and Conditions: The only thing I knew of this race was that it was hilly and it did not disappoint. It was hilly, but still fast. We swam atthe Harbor the weekend before, so I at least got a feel for that part of the race. The weather was perfect.
The venue was great. It felt like a "destination race".
Pre race warm up: We got there so early that we had to do a lot of waiting, but it was OK because talked to tons of fellow racers and Pro Soapers. Did the opening hill on the run to see what we were in for......and three words  A  R  G!
Nutrition and fitness: I changed my pre race meal a race ago to grain waffles w/ PB and a banana and it has really hooked me up. Since this was the 10th TRI of the yr, I was all trained up. We also have incorporated more rest time and that has really helped.
Overall Mental game: I really was going out for fun, but if I felt good I'd go. And I did, especially on the run. I have had two 47 min 10ks in my last 2 OLYs and that is pretty good I think. Plus I always look for Dian on bike and run and when I see her I know she is alright and I push it.
This has been a great year. Finally podium finishes!
Something Funny: Well besides Dian's bogus penalty :).....I had a sprint out the last .5 mile with 2 AGers...I told one of them that I was going to run with him  and at the end he told me that as soon as I said that, he "knew he was in trouble".....and I won the polka dot jersy (in my head) on the last bike climb....I made myself laugh when I was thinking that.

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