Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Metroplex sprint - Scott Ervin

Green member: Scott Ervin

Event: Metroplex Sprint Day 1

Location : joe pool

Class : 45-49

Results : 2nd AG , 41/243

Local knowledge and conditions : I've never raced this sprint that consists of a 400 meter open water swim, 11 mile bike and 2 mile run . This race wasn't on my schedule but Brent Mcilwain talked me into racing with him . Water was reported to be 83 degrees and the temp was 72 at race time with a 15-20 mile wind.

Pre-race strategy : should have warmed up in the lake before cause I haven't been swimming open water and my time reflected it , my strategy was to mentally just enjoy a glorified brick workout . I'm 15 -20 lbs heavier than this time last year due to a plantar issue I've been fighting since last December that really limits my willingness to run ---" just have fun on this" were my thoughts before the horn sounded .

Results : swim 10:04( terrible)
               T1- 1:26
               Bike 22.6 mph
                T2- :58
                Run- 8:09 pace

Lessons learned: this was a smoking bike course. There were 4 swim waves and started in the last wave . The good thing about starting in the final wave AND having a slow swim is that I enjoyed passing people on the bike . 

Funny : brent started 2 waves in front of me and so I was startled to see him waiting in T2 on me so " we could run together" Im not gonna give the particulars as to why he almost quit the race , he can do that , but let's just say I almost went anaerobic laughing as to why his race NEEDED to stop( buy a pair of tried shorts that are cut correctly next time ) !!

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