Monday, July 11, 2011

Race Recap - Peter Barnard @ Iron Brothers Sprint for Team ProSoap!

Green member: Peter Barnard

Event: Iron Brothers Sprint (500 ms/19 miles/5K)

Location : Joe Pool Lake, Grand Prairie

Class : 45-49

Results : 1st place age group, 14th overall

Local knowledge and conditions : A little breezy, a little chop in the water.......not as hot as I'd expected

Pre-race strategy : Get warmed up, swim hard to the first turn and then settle into a strong pace. Continue to push through the bike keeping an eye on my heart rate so as not to blow up when I started to run. Have run into overheating issues in the past and have been working on getting over that particular handicap.

Swim 9:45  
Bike: 51:42 (22.1 mph average) 
Run: 22:18 (7:09 splits)  

Review: Felt strong throughout the swim, have actually been doing more strength training which has definitely helped. Settled onto the bike and just tried to keep my power reading within the planned range. The wind was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be and was able to stay on pace without feeling like I was having to work too hard. I knew there was one guy chasing me on the bike and so I pushed it a little harder on the final return leg of the bike. Transitioned to the run and was able to settle into a good pace within the first 200 metres, have made a point of shortening my stride and increasing my leg turnover which has definitely helped make my run more efficient. My only issue was an energy drop right at mile 2 of the run, a friendly reminder that once you go over an hour in racing nutrition becomes an issue and it's necessary to make sure you are fueled.

Thoughts: Only that I really love this long term goal is still to qualify for Kona even if it takes the next 30 years to do so. I have calculated that by the age of 80 it won't be so much a case of beating other racers as simply finishing under 17 hours. 

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