Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chipotle and Beer....and riding...

One of the most successful group rides in awhile. We had 25+ riders show at Chipotle Rockwall at 6pm on Thursday for a short group ride to enjoy the evening. The plan: ride for 20 miles, then come back to Chipotle for FREE Burritos and Beer(not free). Rockwall Cycling and Chipotle came together for this great promotion in honor of the Tour De France team "Garmin/Chipotle". Tiffany, Chipotle front counter, said it was the most beer they've sold since they got their liquor license. Goal Accomplished Team, Goal Accomplished. We hope we can do that again, although we'll understand if they want to charge for the Burritos next time. It would be worth it! I hope to everyone at the Group Ride tomorrow morning at 7:30am at Rockwall Cycling. Should be wonderful weather.

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