Thursday, July 24, 2008

Climb on!

Beer - Liquid consumed in large quantities after climbing.(d) Bier, (f) bière / mousse, (f-c) broue, (nl) bier / pintje, (i) birra, (e) cerveza, (s) öl, (pl) piwo, (sl) piwo

Belay, to - To secure a climber. (d) Sichern, (f) Assurer , (nl) Zekeren, (i) Assicurare, (e) Asegurar / Dar seguridad, (s) Säkra, (pl) Ubezpieczac

Here’s a pic of Jason Ross on top of Loveland Pass, 60 miles into the 120 mile ride. His details below... Details on the Triple Bypass: A one day, 120 mile ride from Evergreen to Avon, CO requiring riders to climb and descend 3 mountains - Squaw (11,140 ft.), Loveland (11,990 ft.), and Vail (10,560 ft.) passes, with over 10,000 ft. of cumulative gain in elevation between the climbs. This ride is routinely rated as one of the best rides in the U.S., both from a scenic and challenge standpoint. Notably, the ride starts at already over 7,000 feet elevation, and reaches as high as 12,000 feet elevation. According to my Polar, I completed it in 8 hrs and 37 minutes of ride time, burning 5,600 calories, with an average HR of 134 (72% max), cadence of 71, and avg speed of 14.0 (with a max of 43 on a descent). Yes, my avg HR was only 72%...that is correct. This is much lower than a triathlon effort. The key to completing this is to manage your pace carefully so you don’t blow-up in the altitude.
Here’s a link with some more details:

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