Friday, July 18, 2008

Disco Triathlon July 08

Today was the Disco Tri event on Lake Ray Roberts... It was the perfect morning for what would turn out to be a day of personal best's. Team Members competing at Disco:Billy Self, Chase Ingraham, Trey Austin, Louie Corwin, Heather Diamond
The weather held out for us on Sunday morning with a beautiful beach start for the day. We watched Heather Diamond start on the women's Sprint start, and then it was time for us to kick off.
Trey "Bleeding Heals Austin" lead us in team prayer before the race to keep us save and to thank the big guy upstairs for our ability to compete in triathlons.
Chase Ingraham had an AMAZING swim being the first out of the water! Then me (Billy), Trey, and Louie followed minutes later.
The bike felt tough for me and didn't get into a rhythm over the 26 miles. Chase got frustrated at some cheaters on the course that were drafting AND hectled him. Not sure if they got caught.
Chase was still in the lead for our team going into the run and hammered it with a 7 something minute/mile. I had my best run in an Olympic with a sub 8 minute/mile. I beat my previous Olympic course time by over 12 minutes... I'm happy.
Trey, AKA "Bleeding Heals Austin" had a tough race with his shoes causing trouble 20 yards into the run. OUcH! Photos of his bloody shoes are posted in our gallery. Louie Corwin came in with a very respectable time as well.
Heather Diamond had a great race as well with a 3rd place age group place.
More Details about the race. . . .and before I continue, I must say that the world is perfect right now. I'm home now, well fed, a beer, and a tour mountain stage is on tv...
So yes, the title is Disco dancing to new Personal Records... Chase and I both rock and rolled to new personal best's. I finished a full 12 minutes ahead of my previous Olympic distance. I'm happy, to say the least. I think that Trey would have had a personal record if he had retained most of his blood on the race course. If this photo attaches to the blog entry correctly, you'll notice how much blood consumed around the back of his shoes. (yes, it happened on both feet).
The swim was excellent and felt great on 2/3 of the swim. The middle third of the triangle course was into the wind (blowing 10-12 mph). My left arm got way more tired while battling the waves and trying to keep my breathing in check. I got lost a few times as I couldn't tell the difference between the buoys and the kayaks.
The bike: I didn't feel it on the bike... it just wasn't happening for me. Not sure if I didn't taper correctly this week, but I feel like I should have done better on the hills. About 9 people passed me on the bike, which is normal, but I still don't like it. You can hear those kind of guys like a freakin' car coming from behind you.
The run was awesome...just awesome. I loved the course and route as it had the right amount of trail running and highway sections. My legs did not cramp up at the beginning of the run, which is unusual, and it allowed me to start with a moderately strong pace... the best part is that I was able to build to a stronger stride throughout the run until I could barely hang on to the finish. .....I had nothing left.
I must say that I'm super proud of our boy, Chase Ingraham, who was first out of the water in the swim, and first of our team to cross the finish line by over 6 minutes. Chase is riding on a steal bike right now, which is simply amazing. When Chase buys a new bike at Rockwall Cycling, he will be a force to be reckened with...
Nice job to the entire team... We have a report from Jason and Barry Brooks coming up on the 120 mile 10,000 feet climb in Colorado... Oh yea, and Jason said it was a head wind the entire way...
"It never gets easier, just faster"

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