Friday, August 22, 2008

Tri-Rock and Tri-ProSoap

The 2008 Tri-Rock Sprint will be sponsored in part by the Tri-ProSoap Racing Team. We will be hosting a booth at the finish line after the race. The entire Tri-ProSoap team will be in attendance for the top rated beginner triathlon in Texas, but also regarded as a very difficult event due to the hilly bike course.

Make sure you make it by the booth after the race to meet and greet the Tri-ProSoap Racing Team. We will also have the "Talk Dirty To" and the Tri-ProSoap Team T-shirts available for sale. Only $5.00 for each shirt! Make sure to get yours at the event.

Also, if you are planning on watching the Tri-Rock event this sunday, here is the best spot to watch (my opinion, of course). From here, you will be able to see the end of the bike course, and 2 passes of each athlete on the "out & back" run course.

We have a new sponsor that is interested in sponsoring our racing team. We are going to keep in confidential for the time being until we are able to work out the details of the partnership. We are very excited about the team's direction to...again... promote green recreational racing and bicycle awareness.

It is time, again, to plug the coolest bike lane awareness website created by yours truly to help Rockwall gain momentum into a better community to live. A place to voice your opinion and discuss the thoughts of our situation. We want to ride our bikes, and the local government should help us do that.

Thanks for everyone's support of the team and look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning!

"Glad to be here!"

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