Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ryan Cooper went Belgium this past weekend for the 2008 Duathlon World Championships. Coop has not made it back to the states quite yet, and I don't blame him....He's in Belgium for tri sakes! We are very proud of our Coop and his qualifying and racing in the ITU World Championships this year. We look forward to a full report from Coop on the racing and his Travels.

In other racing news, we had a special trip that Chase Ingraham took out to SoCal for the Camp Pendleton Sprint Triathlon with divisions split into civilian and military for the results.
Here is a short blurb from Chase:

  • Well it went really well I got 2nd in my age group but like 44th overall, so many older guys were CRAZY fast and all rode like 15K$ bikes it was ridiculous. I won the whole swim by catching a big wave and body surfing past the guy in the lead hahaha. My bike seat slowly got lower and lower as the race went on so that really sucked but still had an okay ride, so I was in the lead the first 15 mins or so of the race until the really badass guys went by me. The finish was on a Military Hovercraft so THAT was super cool.

  • [talking about the swim] I was going to take it out fast but I decided to hang back and this guy went for it a little bit so i just stayed behind him until the end. There is no point of me to take it out like a madman in such a fast pace if i am going to gain 30 seconds or a minute on people.

Nice job to both Chase and Coop for their efforts this past weekend. Looking forward we have the Chandlers Landing Mini-Triathlon this Saturday at 9am start. This is a fantastic, low pressure event with a great run course (one of the best around). Melissa is giving a half-off discount if you sign up by Wednesday. Check out her running club website at Chandlers Landing Running Club.

The following weekend is the number one ranked beginner Triathlon in the Metroplex. The Tri-Rock Sprint Triathlon held at the Rockwall YMCA and put on by Ironhead Race Productions (USAT Sanctioned Event) and the Rockwall Kiwanis Club. You can buy Raffle tickets at the Rockwall Kiwanis website for a brand new Specialized Tarmac Road Bike. Way Cool! I'm going to buy one right now!
Come out for one of our events to watch and support our team.

If you have not already, PLEASE visit http://www.rockwallbikelanes.com/ to fill out the quick survey on the road and bikes in our County. The Road Bond Election is in the general election in November. We need your support! Everyone, racers and nonracers alike, can help by filling out this very helpful survey. Thank you!

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