Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Classic Rock Rotary Sprint - May 17th

Tri Something New This Year!
By Billy Self

Sprint Triathlons are becoming a national phenomenon for all ages. Most "Sprint" triathlons consist of the traditional three multi-sport events: swim, bike, run; and the distance is what makes the event so appealing. It consists of only 300 yards for the swim (lane pool), roughly 15 miles on your bike, and finally a 5k run through a park or residential area.

A sprint triathlon is the ultimate gateway event for "newbies" or to just try something brand new athletically. Regardless of your reason, sprint triathlons have become a huge hit across the country due to the culture that it creates. The beauty behind these events is the finish line. For every participant, there is a different goal in mind or reason for signing up, but no matter the reason, EVERYONE cheers for each finisher at the end.

In other racing sports in which I have competed over the years, the "good" people finish and then take off for home. At sprint triathlons, there is a quickly created crowd of participants to cheer for every person that crosses the finish line. It is exciting, inspirational, and motivating to watch the triathletes cross the line with hands raised above their heads in true personal triumph.

The Gatorade and snacks tables, as well as vendors all set up their booths right next to the finish line to allow everyone a chance to get cheers as they finish, even until the 400th person crosses the line. How many sports can you name where every athlete stays to cheer all the way to the 400th person crossing the line?

Rockwall has been fortunate to have an extremely successful sprint triathlon (Tri-Rock) since 2001 held at the Rockwall YMCA, and directed by Ironhead Race Productions. The event has sold out at capacity for the past half a dozen years and has been called one of the top sprint triathlons in North Texas.

For this reason, a few dedicated triathletes decided it was time to add a second sprint triathlon to the Rockwall calendar. The brand new event is scheduled for May 17th, called the Classic Rock Rotary Sprint Triathlon. The event will be directed by Ironhead Race Productions and held at the Rockwall YMCA to offer an additional challenge to all North Texas triathletes for 2009. The early season event will allow triathletes to compare times from the May sprint to the popular August Tri-Rock.

It is important to stress that this event is held in a shallow pool for the swim. Official event rules allow and even encourage you to take a break at each end of the pool, if needed. The pool, popular bike course, and cross-country run give this venue a top ranking for "first-timers". Each participant's starting position is based on his estimated swim time for 300 yards, and state-of-the-art race chip software is used to accurately gather each triathlete's time on the course. Early registration is strongly encouraged as we anticipate the Classic Rock Rotary Sprint Triathlon event to be just as popular as the Tri-Rock. Do not be left out of this year's challenge! You can visit the race website at www.ClassicRockRotarySprint.com to put in your entry today. This event is sponsored by the Rockwall Breakfast Rotary Club and race proceeds will go towards many community initiatives in Rockwall, including coats for kids, meals on wheels, scholarships, and many others. Be a part of the celebration of multi-sport and see what is sweeping the nation. Need to prepare? Drop by the Rockwall Cycling shop on Saturday mornings at 7:30am to join the weekly group ride. The Rockwall YMCA is offering a triathlon membership to prepare for the event so that you can train in the event pool. Contact the Rockwall YMCA for details.


Glen said...

Billy, you left out the fact that Rockwall Kiwanis is actually the sponsor of that successful event and hires Ironhead to run it. So successful that other charitable organizations have chosen to copy it.

Jerry Welch said...

You are a testament to Google Sites, sir.