Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Triathlete of the month: Jason Ross - March 2009

Jason Ross has made a big splash for Tri-ProSoap in the month of March to start off the season.

At the end of each month, a few of us collectively will decide who on the team deserves this award based on training, competition results, and overall contributions to the team. For future months, your input would be very welcomed as you observe outstanding actions by another team member. Email me at billy@prosoap.com.

Jason Ross has been a large contributor to the "chatter" and web traffic for Tri-ProSoap.com. Informing many of the Green Mission and what the team is all about. Also, his training on and off the bike has been consistent and led to a strong performance at the Athens Sprint. 20+ mph on the bike in 40 degree drizzle rain with chip seal on the road that had a shadow. "nuf-said"

Jason has gone over and above the helpful teammate and offered advice and tips to several of the Tri-ProSoap members as we geared up for the season. As a seasoned triathlete, he has offered a wealth of information for others to get to the next level.

For March, 2009. Jason Ross is Tri-ProSoap Triathlete of the Month.

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