Friday, May 15, 2009

Classic Rock Rotary Sprint Triathlon This Sunday

Hi Green Team!

This Sunday is the big day that Trey, Jason, and myself have been working on since last fall, The Classic Rock Rotary Sprint Triathlon. It is benefiting the Rockwall Breakfast Rotary Club (Tuesdays, 7am) to which Trey and I have been members of for several years now.

I wanted to cover a few things about the triathlon:

1st. Team Tri-ProSoap is a sponsor of this event contributing money towards the initiatives of Breakfast Rotary in our community. 300 samples of ProSoap were given to include with Packet Pick-up. Rockwall Cycling is also a major sponsor and has generously donated 300 water bottles for each competitor!
If you happen to help someone with a flat tire before the race, don't accept payment for the tube...just tell them to go to Rockwall Cycling and check out their bikes and accessories. Promote our local shop as best you can.

You will get questions about the team
this Sunday from all sorts of people. Remember our mission statement of Green Racing and tell them about how ProSoap is awesome and biodegradable. Not to mention wonderful at removing Race Numbers from skin! (reason for sample in packet)
**Membership Questions: Tell them we are Division 5 Team (btw 1-29 members) for 2009. We have a few spots available and we take profiles/background and event goals/participation into account as our panel of team leaders discuss which applicants would best represent our green mission and team participation points. Email Bio+Goals to

Volunteers: Trey and I have organized over 40 volunteers from Breakfast Rotary to work the event. We will be wearing BRIGHT yellow shirts that say "Rotarians in Action". When you get a chance, walk up and thank them for volunteering. Many people look up to the Tri-ProSoap team already as local leaders in multi-sport. We want to show others our appreciation for the event.

Several of our Tri-ProSoap members will be volunteering along with Trey and I, including Louie and Tripp. Thanks Guys. If you know someone that wants to volunteer, let us know.

Chase Ingraham put a swim time of 3:15 for this race. There's no doubt he can hit that, but...he forgot that he promised me that he was going to do the Butterfly stroke for Classic Rock...No Pressure, Chase...but now the whole team knows.

Team Prayer: We will meet up for team prayer that anyone is welcome to join at 6:30am at Chase's Transition spot (First Bike Rack) We want to pray for safety of all the competitors and a fun event for everyone.

Has this email been long enough? See everybody on Sunday morning!!! Then... Party at Ervin's!!!

Here's to the flying mount...

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