Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Classic Rock Sprint Triathlon- Race Recap by Michael Dawdy

First, I would like to congratulate Billy and the Breakfast Rotary Club on a successful event. As an event coordinator I understand the difficulties and stress that it takes to put on an event, competing in a event is far easier than producing it. Job well done!

As for my race, this was my first sprint triathlon since Rivercities 2003, but my first pool sprint race since Tom Landry 2001. I was very excited and looked forward to the challenge. My goal was to go as hard as I could and not look back. The swim was non eventful, but I had forgotten about the art of lane change flip turns. After the swim, the pressure was on my T1 execution especially after I hosted a transition clinic the weekend before. Whew, I was error free. Now my objective was to ride the bike course as hard as I could and I did. However I struggled over the first 6 miles to establish a rhythm, but found my rhythm by the time I reached Hwy 66. Coming into T2 the pressure was on again for smooth and fast T2, but I crack under the pressure this time and ran to the wrong side of the rack. After making it to my proper rack spot I transitioned to the run quickly. From there I ran as quickly as I could through Billy’s version of the Muddy Buddy Run. What can I say, I had a great time and left asking myself why I haven’t done more sprint tri’s in recent past, but I guess one would ask themselves this question when finish with the overall win.

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