Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Classic Rock Rotary

Michael Stampley

Event: see title!:)

Locale: Rockwall, TX, YMCA

Class:Male 35-39

Results: 4th of 25 AG , 35th overall (5th AG if you count Sir Dawdy)

Knowlege'/Conditions: Know the course very well since I have raced it 3 times now. Everything was great. The "trail" part of the run was kinda slick.

Pre Race: I did my ususal. Got up, showered, ate PB and honey. Got to the race early. Focused on trasition setup like was taught. Really didn't warm up much besides stretching. Time went so fast it was race start before I knew it! I ususally get in the pool for a few laps.

Mindset: Stay calm and focused but have fun.

Lessons learned: Listen to those who are faster than you......(Dawdy and others)

Future Goals: Keep working on swim. Train more on bike (was kinda disappointed with time). Save for new back race wheel.

Fitness: I am just going to keep on training! As the weather gets hotter stay hydrated days before a race.

Something funny: Running out of T1, turned the corner with bike and an ex GF is standing there volunteering.......startled me a bit!

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