Friday, May 8, 2009

Dian's McKinney TRI

1st time to do this race. We were worried about the weather. Woke up to rain and lightning. The weather turned out to be just fine!!!
I was really focused on the swim because we have been taking lessons. I felt good and was ready to race!!! I warmed up w/ a couple 100 meters in the pool and was relaxed, but still nervous if that makes any sence.
I was 113 in the water and was focusing on not panicking and/or blowing up in the water. Once I got thru the swim I felt that is was a good swim (for me) and I made it to transition and was on the bike. I felt really good! Made it thru the 2 loops and had a pretty good run. We waited for the results and decided I was 2nd.
As they were announcing the winners, 3rd (not me) 2nd (not me again) we thought, well, I guess I got bumped by a really fast age grouper at the end...........then they announnced my name! YAY! 1st in AG!!! That was really cool. I know actually I was 2nd, but they pulled out the overall female who happened to be in my AG. I"LL TAKE IT!!!!!! I will get her next time/:)

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