Monday, May 4, 2009

McKinney Tri - Michael and Dian

As Peter mentioned, the weather turned to our favor after those storms. I was excited about this race because I have been taking a swim class and was eager to test the new and improved stroke. The swim went well for me. I actually passed people in the pool and had my 1st sub 6 min swim, which was my goal. Ran out, my transistion went smooth and was on the bike. I immediately thought, "Wow, I am not winded from the swim. Those lessons have already paid for themselves......" The bike was going very well, averaging 20 +. Then it happened. I heard the course guide say " 2nd loop turn" so I did.......but I had only done one loop. realizing that I had made a big (and really dumb) mistake, I turned it around and started back. Slowed down and really contemplated going on in, do the run and DQing myself since I knew I was out of my goal of top 10 AG. But I sucked it up, and began to hammer it out.

I passed an age grouper then another. One said, "Didn't you already pass me once?" I said "YUP, I messed up!"... Finished the bike, got shoes on and went to put on race belt and the buckle falls off......I ripped the bib off and started running. Managed a 7:09 mile and squeaked a 12th of 31 AG. ..........So, after a little frustrating finish and race, I looked at the positive: Swim was much better, run was still better than most and I stuck it out and didn't quit.


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