Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Any Given Day by Dian Fiala

Green Member: Dian Fiala

Event: Metroplex Sprint Days 1 & 2

Location: Lynn Park @ Joe Pool

Class: F 40-44

Results: Day 1: 6th AG Day 2: Masters F Overall!!!!!

Local Knowledge and Conditions: I really knew nothing of the course except for what others had told me. Run and bike were flat. The swim, well, I had heard the horror stories of last years race and the giant waves. I had also heard that the swim back was in the weeds. So needless to say I was way freaked out because this was going to be my 1st open water race. But I was pleasantly surprised day 1 with calm waters and no weeds. The run and bike were as flat and fast as expected.

PreRace Strategy and warm up: I was NERVOUS on day 1. I ran a bit to get my legs ready and I swam to the 1st turn bouy and back to get a feel for the distance and to try to drown the butterflies. Didn't really work...When the race began I was still beyond nervous.......almost scared. But I told myself if I can get to the turn I will be OK.
(Thanks to Michael for holding my hand up until started to help calm my nerves!)

Pyschology: See above!:) Day 1: GET THRU THE SWIM and everything else would be gravy.

Lessons Learned: Well, I learned alot day 1. It is a literal washing machine of arms and legs in the water and you just gotta keep moving and fighting for position. I learned it is OK to grab the bouy for a min to compose myself.
Day 2: I learned that one days experience made a world of difference. I was faster and the conditons were worse! I didn't stop at all. I swam the whole way and was calm and ready for the bike. I also learned that on Any Given Day your placement can change. One day I was 6th....the next I was 1st with almost the identical time. I'LL TAKE IT!!! :)

Future Goals (and those executed well): I have an OLY in July. I feel I am ready thanks to this race and the help of everyone on the team. That open water swim practice helped a lot!! I am still working on the flying mount/dismount . Still practicing on it, although my T1 and T2 are still better than most of the girls in my AG.

Fitness, Nutrition, Hydration: I was ready. Followed same routine as always. My run felt good, bike felt strong and swim....well it was swimmy. . . more like washin' machiney! :) My pace was almost identical for both days.

Something funny: When I was getting body marked on Day 1, the guy read my shorts and commented on the "Talk Dirty to Me".....I just smiled and said "Yup, and Pro Soap will clean you up!" and gave him the spill on the team! (also had several people comment on how much they liked our team kits, including the coach for the UNT Tri Team.) Most like "It never gets easier, just faster!" . . . and that is so true!!

I'm proud to be a part of such a great TEAM!!

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