Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scott "I Came Here TO DU it"

Green Member: Scott Ervin
Event ;Summer Solstice Duathlon
Location:White Rock Lake
Class: Clydesdale(190-215)
2nd,#42 overall

Local Knowledge/Conditions:This was my first duathlon to enter but I'm very familiar with White Rock. 80's and 10 mph wind-good day to race early.

Pre-race Strategy/Warmup:Brett had raced this same race last year and was familiar with how the course would be laid out so we went the week before the race and used this as a workout with the benefit of having some knowledge on race day.Over celebration the night before made 4;30 alarm clock my new enemy(didn't sleep in this time,fought thru the cobwebs and arrived an hour before the race).Setting up tansition area takes 5 minutes in a duathlon. Brett and I go for a one mile run to get the sweat flowing prior to start of the race.IWe headed to the front of the line and race began @7;30 sharp.

Psychology: I am not a great runner or cyclist but since this was my first my realistic goal was to have the second 2 mile run time be close to my first 2 miler. Lessons Learned: Thruston racing is "old school' and still uses tear off race #'s and no chips for timing so my stop watch and their run times were off by 10 + seconds but I'll use their posted times of 16:07 R1 29:16 Bike and 17:21 R2. NOt great times to you prosoap vets but for me at this early stage of competing I'll take it. My total time was 1:03:57. My T1 was 32 seconds and T2 was38 seconds thanks to Dawdy.I beat the guy in third place because my total transition time bested his by 84+ seconds and yet my total time only beat him by 14 seconds!

Lessons Learned : The bike ride was only 10 miles so I switched out my normal Look pedals for the cheapo toe straps which meant no changing in/out shoes multiple times. Future Goals: I'll be age grouping this du next year so running has got to improve. Only 1 guy passes me onthe bike but I torched him in T2 and was heading down the backstretch in R2.The Orbea Ordu blows through the competion and turns heads !

Fitness:I didn't 'ralph' during the race so I know I've got more in the tank for next year. I changed from age group to clydesdale category(190-215) the morning of the race,the female official looked me up and down and didn't bat an eye that I am 190+,but I am barely 190 and headed south so that will be the first and last time in the Clydesdale division.

Something funny that happened: OK this was funny! You all know how pretty White Rock is with the lake,huge trees etc.,while on the bike at about mile 8 I'm pedaling along and all of a sudden a bee slams into my right shoulder while I'm in the areo position, I freak out and sit up looking at this pest who is about to sting,bite, whatever and I proceed to shoe it off with my left hand onlt a big turn in the rode spoils my effort as I am all of the sudden off the road nearly broad-sided one of those huge trees in trying to stay up right in a gravellyrock culvert. Well thank goodness I didnt fall, especially since my wife and 4 kids were almost in view, but what I thought was a bee turned out to be BIRDCRAP! Oh well.

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