Monday, July 20, 2009

Doing the Disco Dry Heave

Michael Stampley
AG (35-39)
Results 17/40 AG 96/273 overall

Local knowledge and conditions:
I knew the course very well. I raced the Sprint last July and the OLY last September. The back 5 miles on the ride were still as chippy as last year! The weather at start was great. Seemed to be a slight headwind on the bike and the run did get hot. But not as hot as it ususally is!

I tried to hydrate as much as possible all week. I think I could have done better. We tapered pretty well the last part of the week doing a light ride on Thursday and a light run and swim Friday. Saturday we just saw a movie and hung out. Carbed up Fri and Sat.
The morning was as usual and I felt good.

I had this race all planned out in my head with several goals in mind: Beat last yrs time, better my swim and hold at least a 7:45 on the run. I was excited and ready to get this race on! My swim went well. Last year I was LAST coming out of the water in my AG. This yr I was straight up midpack (as I was hoping!) Transitioned well and was on the bike and was maintaining about a 20mph pace, again things are going well. T2 kinda got me frustrated. One of my shoes was knocked over to the next spot and that halted me a bit, bit I still got a 1:06 T2 time. I took off on the run and I felt good for the 1st 4 or so miles. I passed a few AGers and was doing well. Then it hit. I mentally and physically for the 1st time in a TRI, fell apart on the run. I don't know if I over heated, was dehydrated or what but a serious cold chill hit me and I stopped.....dry heaved 2 times and kept going. Then I was worried about those AGers catching me. My strong point, my pride and joy, my run, had foresaken me.
I managed to get a 51:11 (8:16 pace )in the run (48:41 last yr)............I will brood on this for a while.

I can only guess I was not hydrated enough. I know I am physically strong enough for these races. Any suggestions would be welcome!!!!!!

Future Goals:
Not dry heave ever again!!!

Something Funny:
When I told the team (the guys) about the dry heaving incident I got the "ALRIGHT!!!" "SWEET!!" "Was it wet or dry?"......"wet is not good"......"dry just means you are working hard!!!"

Also learned that cold chills in July on a run is not a good sign.....................

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