Monday, July 6, 2009

Hartley Recap - Playtri Olympic~

My PlayTri Festival recap:

Great racing weather for early July! A little light rain early on giving way to overcast skies. A little humid - but I'll take that over the sun anyday!
As usual, the old men go out near the last wave. The industrial waste canal water was actually ok. I think the rain diluted the toxins. Out of the water and then bike it hard for the first loop and then fear struck at the thought of going too hard and having no legs for the run. (I haven't done a lot of longer distance races and my last longer race I bombed on the run because I rode too hard.) Slowed somewhat on loop 2 but still managed a 21.6 mph average bike. Started off on the run and much to my surprise, my legs felt pretty good. I managed a clydesdale respectable 8:34 run pace Finished with a 2:30:24 time and won overall clydesdale.

Primary lesson learned ... train as hard, if not harder, than you race. Doing so sure makes racing so much more fun!


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