Thursday, July 23, 2009

Team Update

Hey Team!

What a fantastic couple of weekends in GREEN Racing... I got goosebumps seeing so many team members out at the DISCO events. Way cool to see everyone doing so well.

I turned in the team points for 4 events this morning: Disco OLY + SPR, Ironbrothers SPR, & Blazing Saddles (still not sure if they count Duathlons in the team points competition, we will know soon)
Total Points Added: 43.5!!! Nice job! All spreadsheets have been posted to "Green Members" page.

Thank you very much to everyone that has participated in the Team Survey that you should have received by email. ***Please fill it out even if you are a supporter. We have a hand full of supporters on the email list.

This weekend we have the Waco Sprint that I know Tim Hartley and others are doing. Please email me directly if you joining Rocket Man.

For those of you who feel "icky" after swimming in Lake Ray Hubbard, we found a new place for open water swims.
See Here.

I feel like I'm forgetting something to send out to the team....OH! Some pictures from Disco have been added to the website photo gallery...but ALL have been added to facebook.

Oh OH! Now I remember...Tri-ProSoap is going to be a small sponsor again at the Tri-Rock in August. We have the option of doing a booth. Do you guys have any ideas for a simple and fun booth? Don't worry about "selling" hand cleaner... We'll have it there, but wanted to see if anyone has any cool inexpensive ideas for our team's booth. I basically want it to be a cool place to hang out after the finish line if we do the booth. Email me directly with your thoughts!

Woah, lots going on! Okay... signing off to go pump more soap.

"Glad to be here!"

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