Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Krisha's Disco Recap

Green Member: Krisha Brooks

Event: Disco Sprint

Location: Too far away from Rockwall!

Class (yours): F 30-34

Results: 7th in AG

Local Knowledge and Conditions: I didn't know much about this race site. Several people had told me they liked the race and enjoyed the beach start.

Pre-Race Strategy & Warm Up: My main strategy was just to make sure I woke up on time since my alarm went off at 3:30 in the morning...why did I pick a race that was 1.5 hours away??

Psychology: This race was by far the most competitive race I had ever entered...there were quite a few girls that could "hold their own" on the bike and run course, so I knew it was going to be a tough race to medal in. The swim was pretty crazy...with the beach start, I ran out to a comfortable spot and started swimming...only to run smack into a wall of women that had started swimming and then pretty much stopped due to the chaos going on. I had never encountered so much chaos and it took quite awhile for me to maneuver through them and find a lane...I eventually had to swim laterally to the inside just to find a free area to swim...geez! :)

I really pushed on the bike and found myself out there with 4 girls in my age group that I battled the entire time. We would just pass each other back and forth the whole ride...none of us was able to just pull away. There was one girl that came by really fast that I never caught...she ended up being the 21 mph girl that got first place...wasn't going to get her. :) There was one girl in particular I was focused on out there wearing a Brian Loncar tri-suit...I couldn't stand the thought of another team member beating ProSoap so I worked hard to try and bike past her. She ended up getting into transition before me, so my main goal was to transition fast and run out even faster. I did just that and went by her on the run...I held her off for a mile, but then at that point she came by me with some speed. I tried to muster up some more speed but my legs just didn't want to she ended up beating me...she was 5th and I was 7th. Bummer!

At first, I was bummed about the race and not getting into a medal spot, but once I checked out my results I felt a lot better. This race had my fastest splits for swim, bike and run of those distances which made me really happy. Also, I was the fastest girl for T1 and second fastest girl for T2. This race had tougher competition and I had my fastest I'm happy with knowing I"m starting to "dig deep" out there!

Side note...I've noticed in several races that another Brooks, Lacey Brooks, is always near me in overall time...sometimes she beats me and sometimes I beat her. Well, I decided to look up who she was so I can notice her out on the next race course and it ends up she's the Brian Loncar girl I battled with! So, here's to taking down the Brian Loncar team and being the number one Brooks in my age group! LOL!

Lessons Learned (Or Re-Learned): Great lesson learned...your bike portion of the race is much faster when you remember your helmet! :)

Future Goals (include skills executed well and skills needing improvement): My future goals involve speed...I need to push my bike and run a little harder in order to truly be competitive in the top three spots for those tougher events...I think I can get there, it's just going to take some more intense training sessions and convincing my brain that pain is fun. :)

Fitness (endurance, nutrition, hydration): My nutrition and everything worked out fine...gel before race and during bike and lots of water...just need to figure out what nutrition makes me a faster runner! :)

Something funny that happened: The only thing that made me chuckle is when I was riding along at about mile 15 and seeing sweet Heather Diamond pull up on her bike next to me and give me encouragement...she was in the wave BEHIND me! That girl amazes me and totally motivated me to push harder...thanks for the encouragement Heather!

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