Sunday, August 30, 2009

TRI Rock #3 Michael Stampley

Racer: Michael Stampley 35-39


Results:9th/47 AG (8th if you toss out Overall ) 41st overall

Local Knowledge and conditions:

Have raced this course 4 times now, so it is well memorized. Could not have asked for better weather (a tad breezy) for August in Texas.

Pre race Strategy and warm up:

Got in a pretty good run around the lot with some pick up strides. I have been focusing more on getting legs warm than about getting in the pool.


Have fun with the team and go beat my Rotary time. WhichI did by 45 seconds almost 5 mins off of last years race. Set a PR for me and that course of 1:09:15.

Lessons Learned:

Not to beat myself up on "placement" but judge personal performance and improvements.


Felt good. After the Disco, I thought I might have "peaked" on the run, but I had my best per mile split this yr.

Something Funny:

Well Brett used "diatribe" in his recap. :) Actually what was funny to me were the looks of pure joy I received when I told teammates we had beer on ice at our truck and a sleeve of styrofoam cups in which to pour the nectar. "YOU HAVE BEER???" "AT YOUR TRUCK????"

"You had me at beer..................."

for the record...........we always have it for post race recovery. Just ask.:)

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