Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Krisha Brooks - Green Member of the Month - August 2009

Wow... This has been the most contested month to date for Green Triathlete of the Month. I sent out TWO emails trying to undo tie-breakers. It just kept getting closer and closer!

Everytime I saw a vote come in with a decision, I'd say to myself, "Ah, finally, we have a deciding vote"....only to have another couple of votes come in that would tie it up again. But now, we have a decision.

All that to say that this person truly deserves the Green Member of the Month with the most votes out of 18 total cast. Thanks to everyone who voted, it made this month very interesting.

Now, I give you the August 2009 Green Member of the Month, none other than Krisha Brooks!

Krisha Brooks joined the team earlier this year with tons of enthusiasm for the team aspect. She was so ready to get to the next level, that she bought a sweet Ora from our partner, Rockwall Cycling.

Here are some of the comments received about Krisha Brooks:

Super supportive to everyone on the team and consistently getting faster with better results. Making her husband work harder, because she is catching up!
She has consistently gotten better each month and won her age group twice.
vote for Krisha because she has really been hammering out the results and always very positive and encourageing!
To Krisha, thank you for being such an outstanding member of the team. You are making serious headway with your training and dedication to the sport. Not to mention running a family and career to boot! Thanks for being apart of and making an favorable impression on our

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