Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cooper, Ryan : Tyler, Texas Race Report

Tyler race report:

First off I want to thank Bill for the pressure. What I didn't realize was that this has apparently become a big time event for east Texas. Brady obrian, mark serone, and several other were out in full force. My goal going into the race was to break 1:10. I'm happy to say that I did a 1:09. Last year this time would hve put me in 2nd overall. This year it was good enough for 6th oa and 2nd age group. There was a 250 dollar pride for beatig the course record which wa easily accomplished by chauncey with a time of 1:02. This years time were made evne more impressive because of the rainy conditions. The rain and wind picked up right before the swim and continued throughtout the race.

All in all I was happy withy effort. I was 2nd out of the water but 4th out of transistion... Need a refresher practice. The bike involved constant rolling hills, and for some reason I never felt comfortable or in rythm. I was passed by mark and a guy in my age group but passed the guy who beat me out of the water. On the run I started to cramp but felt ok, I knew It would be though to catch all the cross country guys on the run and sure enough it didn't happen. All in all it was a fun race and I finished with the time I wad shooting for. I would deffintly do it again and hopefully wih out the rain knock a couple minutes off.

Oh and a lot of people asked about the team and commented on the uniform.

Coop out....

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