Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chandler Rainey (Billy's sister) White Rock Recap...

Thought the team would like to see my sister's race recap.  Wonder what happens when she takes care of those goals at the bottom?!?!?!

Race Recap for Chandler:

Event:  White Rock Marathon
Time:   3:18:51
Results:   13th woman overall / 2nd division
This was my first marathon.  I was very happy with my time.
I started way too far back away from the starting line. I spent the first 4-6 miles weaving in and out of people trying to work past slower runners and walkers.  I tried to stay relaxed with my effort but it was a frustrating experience.  Chip timing says I ran the first 6 miles with an avg. of 7:35 per mile.
When the course finally freed up after the half marathon course split from the full course, I was able to speed up while still maintaining the same effort. I also finally decided to take a gulp of gatorade at this point because I was hungry (didn't eat breakfast....too nervous).
I ran miles 6-13 at 7:29 pace, which was too fast.  Novice mistake, I paid dearly for it later. I also took a pee break  around mile 10 bc I hate running on a full bladder.
I ran miles 13-20 at 7:35 pace during which time I took another sip of gatorade and ate a handfull of skittles.  Tonya Miller joined me at mile 16 to help me keep pace.
My muscles started to lock up around mile 19.  I drank some water. Chip timing says I ran miles 20-26.2 at 7:45 pace.  I wanted to quit so badly but Tonya wouldn't let me. :-)  And I'm glad she didn't!  My muscle were almost completely locked up at mile 23.  When I crossed the finish line, I swore to Tonya that I would never ever do that distance again.
But since I qualified for Boston, I plan on running it in 2011. SO, next time, my goals are:
1. to eat breakfast
2. to start closer to the starting line
3. to slow down during the first 13 miles
4. to train more than 3-4x week for more than 5 months

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