Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Michael Stampley White Rock Recap : Half Marathon

WRL 1/2 Recap
Race: 1/2 Marathon
Age 35-39
Results: 453/8365 overall; 373/3560 males; 56/624 AG
I have been excited about this race for a awhile. I had only run one open 13.1 before and I really wanted to beat that time of 1:48 and go for 1:45. We had been putting in good runs on the weekends for training. I knew I was ready.
I was very pleased that the weather people blew the forecast and it stayed nice and cool throughout the race. The start was a cluster as always. Weaving around the walkers, crawlers, and the general slower ones that really have no business lining up front. (I know that's kinda rude but it's true!)
I settled into a good pace about mile 3 or so. My mental math had me running at about a 7:50ish  pace. If my memory serves me correctly the roads were slick as all get out about mile 4 or 5! My shoes were sliding....kinda nerve racking for me.
Mile 6 I was right at 48 mins and was  under goal pace and wondered if I could sustain the pace. Mile 7 a  faster friend caught up and offered a few encouraging words and told me I was on a 1:40 ish pace. I saw Dian after the "turn around" and she looked good!
Mile 8ish got a thumbs up from Dawdy and I began to pick it up a bit. GUed at mile 9 and took it on home down the Katy trail. The finish was there before I knew it and I was done. 1:40:06. Very pleased.
Saw several ProSoapers out there and everyone did great!

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