Monday, May 10, 2010

Michael Stampley at Lonestar 70.3

Green Member:  Michael Stampley

Event: Galveston 70.3
Class:40-44 m
Local Knowledge and conditions: The only thing I knew of this course is what others had told me. Flat and windy. It was just that.....oh, and hot.
Pre Race Strategy and warm-up: My strategy was to maintain a steady pace throughout the race. Warmup consisted of some stretching, a little running and keep myself distracted to avoid being too nervous.
Psychology: Just to finish in what I would consider a decent time for my 1st Half Ironman. I finished in 6:14. Was a little disappointed I did not break the 6 hour mark, but there is always next year!! 
Lessons learned: PACE THE RUN!!! I got off the bike and started the run way too fast. I felt good for the 1st 5 miles or so and was running in the 8:15 range, then the wheels fell off. My "plan" was to run about a 9 or so for the race and break the 2 hour for the run. I guess I need to get a watch so I can pace myself. 
Future goal:  BREAK 6 then 5:30!!!
Fitness (hydration, nutrition, endurance): We kept our diet the same. Brought our own food and stay all sorts of hydrated and I think it was about as good as we could do. Trained hard and have a good base fitness so the endurance was there.
Something funny: My race # was 740. My Time to enter the water was 7:40. When I was getting marked, I told the lady "my race # is the same as my race time."  MEaning time I start...She said "Oh, sweetie, that's ok. I'll be here when you finish." I was like nonono!!! I am not going to take 7:40........I just slinked off.......................

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