Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dian @ Historic McKinney


EVENT:  Historic McKinney Tri

CLASS: 40 – 44


LOCAL KNOWLEDGE/CONDITIONS:  2nd time to race this course.  Flat bike/hilly run!  Weather was great.

PRE-RACE STRATEGEY/WARM-UP:  Followed usual routine and got in a short run and swim before race start.

PSYCHOLOGY:   Used this as a training race, so I wasn't as nervous as usual.

LESSONS LEARNED: Two things:  don't sign up for a sprint the weekend after a 70.3 and when the bike racks are wobbly, put helmet/glasses on ground.  I put my stuff on my bike and when I got to T1 it was scattered! 

FUTURE GOALS:  More speed work in all disciplines to get faster!   I improved my personal time by 5 ½ minutes this year, but it wasn't enough to podium!  For sprints I really need to push harder!

FITNESS (hydration/nutrition/endurance):  All good.

SOMETHING FUNNY:  nothing really stands out!

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