Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Michael Stampley --- Rotary Recap

Event: Rock Rotary
Class: M 40-44
Results: 30th overall  6th AG
Local Knowledge and Conditions: New course and it was great. It got hot later in the day, but race morning was perfect.
PreRace: Started a little shaky. I packed the wrong front wheel for Dian and had to go home and get hers. (Altho for the record the one I brought would been fine). I flew home, got it and flew back. I had just enough time to run a bit and take care of other business.
Psychology: I knew the course was going to be fast, so I planned to push it hard. Especially on run. My speedometer on bike didn't work. My fault. I didn't correct it for the race wheel, but still averaged 20 +. The run was really good at a 6:36 pace.
Lessons: Have Dian pack her own bike.:)
Something funny:  I am sure glad the City of Dallas owns the 2 bridges I had to cross going back and forth getting wheel. 80 mph with no cops!:)

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