Thursday, September 2, 2010

Green Member of the Month! August 2010

An overwhelming cast of votes for this Green Member! 
Mr. Michael Stampley wins the Green Member of the Month award for August!

Everyone knows Michael's love for race day, as evident by the number of races he does in a month... not to mention how many he does in an entire calendar year. 

Michael has been working his tale off for a Age Group Win... And on August 22nd, at the local Rockwall Tri-Rock, hosted by Kiwanis Club, Michael got his first Age Group Win of his triathlon career! 

Here are just some of the comments from his teammates: 

"I love his consistency! It's truly impressive and motivating."

"Is there a race he doesn't do? need I say more?? He respresents the team at almost every race in the area."

"He has been consistently improving in the sport and just got his first FIRST place in AG at Tri-Rock!"

"Always grateful for the sport and never seen this guy get upset about anything"

"If there is a person on the team that will bleed green, it's Stampley"

Congratulations to Michael for his accomplishments all year long and particularly to his first Age Group Win in the Month of August. 

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