Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frito Speedo bringin' the chills of accomplishment... Austin 70.3 Race Recap

Green Member:  Heather "Frito Speedo" Diamond

Event:  Austin Ironman 70.3

Location:  Austin, TX

Class:  W 35-39

Results:  5:23 (PR by 5 min!!!!)  12/132 in AG

Local Knowledge and Conditions:  Hot/Humid, but a beautiful day!

Pre-Race Strategy & Warm Up:  Stay Calm!  Got up at 4:40 am... set the alarm at 4:40 because that is the same time I get up for swim practice 2-3 times/week.  Had my FAVORITE breakfast (as you have read before)... Waffle sandwich (2 whole wheat waffles with Peanut Butter/Strawberry Jelly/sliced banana).  I even made the bike caddy (Bassmaster Flash) one while I was at it!  YUMMY!  Warm up was walking around the sea of people at the start!  Wanted to stay nice and calm, and I achieved that...  (although the bike caddy/driver almost came to blows with a jerk who forced his way into the traffic jam getting into the park... I have to say, the dude deserved more than he got from the Bassmaster)

Psychology:  Stay calm in the swim, have fun on the bike, and leave everything out on the run course!  And believe me... everything is still out there on the run course!

Race Break Down:
Swim:  38 min  (5 minutes faster than Galveston!)
Bike:  2:43 (20.53 mph... vs. a 2:52/19.47 mph at Galveston!)
Run:  1:56 (8:51 min/mi... vs. an 8:12 min/mi at Galveston... but if you saw those hills, you'd understand)

Lessons Learned:  I can do more than I think I can...  I can push through the pain when I need to... God is indeed always with me!

Future Goals:  Continue to improve!  I was so happy with this race considering the course... but as always, I can do more!

Fitness:  I was in great shape going into this race, thanks to my great coach!  I felt physically and mentally prepared... which I really needed the mental part.  I was prepared for a tough run course, but I didn't really understand how tough until the first lap was over.  I'm not a big fan of off-road running but it did make it interesting.  I also completely understand the term "Quadzilla" now as well (that hill is a beast)!  I'm also proud of myself that I did not give up.  Coming up the last part of the run, there was a person in my age group just ahead of me... my first thought was that it was ok to let her go, that I couldn't hang on, but I kept following her and gave what I had left in me to pass her going up the stretch.  I could hear her try to hang on, but after a few seconds, I couldn't hear her footsteps anymore...  The joy isn't in beating her, but that I was able to suppress the negative that was trying to come out in my thoughts!

Something funny that happened:  My distraction in the bike portion of the longer races is to look at people's bib as I pass them on the bike.  For the last two 70.3 races that I have done, they have put our first name on our bib.  So as I pass someone, I say something to them by name.  A lot of the time, the person acts shocked that I have called them by name, and through the confused look on their face, they respond like they know me... how else could I have called them by name?

Special Thanks:  My bike caddy is the best caddy out there... he keeps me in line, pumps me up, and then gloats on my accomplishments afterward.  So he just happens to be my husband and best friend, too!  He was there every time... out of the water, off the bike, at the end of the first run loop, at the beginning of the second loop, and of course at the finish!  Also, our good friend and Operations Commander of ISM Saddles (the best saddle out there...) Dave Bunce.  He did have a few pros out there competing, so he needed to be there for their finish, but he did NOT have to stay there to see my finish, but he did.  He is a true friend to Greg and me, and one heck of a business man in the industry.  Last, but certainly not least, my coach... Mr. Max-VO2 himself, Michael Dawdy.  This has been the best race season of my life, and he has pushed me to where I never thought I could go in this sport.  Thanks Coach... I'm already looking forward to your next schedule!

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