Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Classic Rock Race Report - Cliff King - Team ProSoap

Green Member:  Cliff King

Event: Classic Rock Sprint

Location:  Rockwall, TX

Class:  M50-54

Results:  2nd AG

Local Knowledge and Conditions:  It was an awesome morning for the race with little wind and just a bit on the cool side. Perfection! And since I train on the course almost every week, it felt like just another work out with extra people around.


Pre-Race Strategy & Warm-Up:  Have started to limit the calorie intact before a Sprint as recommended by Coach Dawdy.  Half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana two hours before the race and sipped sports drink and water all morning.  Got set-up in transition an hour before race and then warmed up with a 200 meter swim at race pace to get the heart rate up and then finished off the prep with the usual multiple visits to the port a potties.


Lessons Learned:  First lesson was that people do not put down times remotely related to their actual speed in the swim, even those who start early. Caught up to two people within the first hundred and had to pass at least 4 people in a 300 meter race. Probably cost me 15 to 20 seconds in time but cost me more in wasted energy fighting to get around them. Hate to lie on my time but might have to next pool swim.

Next lesson learned is to do a final check of the bike set-up before leaving to the swim. Somebody racked their bike over mine and when I came out of the water I could not get my bike off the rack. Had to lift their bike off my bars and then jerk mine out. Caused my shoes to pop their rubber bands and killed the flying mount. Had to calm down and just go with the flow and realize everything would be OK.

Felt extremely strong on the bike due entirely to great coaching and did my best average miles per hour ever. Only got passed by one guy but he happened to be in my age group and I tried to pick up the pace but knew if I did I would die on the run so let him go.

Had a great transition to the run and just tried to get into a pace that was realistic for me to maintain for the full 5K. Mile one was OK. Mile two felt even better but started to hurt at the beginning of mile three. Thankfully there were enough ProSoapers out there cheering each other on to keep me from stopping. Then Hartley passed me and pulled me along to the finish line. Thanks big guy!


Special Notes:  Billy, the Classic Rock is the best race in Rockwall. Great job! And thanks for putting together the team. It really makes a difference being surrounded by teammates. And I agree with Heather, Mr. Michael Dawdy is the BEST in the business. I am stronger, faster, and better prepared for each race, no matter the distance, than ever. Thanks Coach! 



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