Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Michael Stampley Classic Rock Recap

Green Member: Michael Stampley
Location: Rockwall
Event: Classic Rock Rotary Class: M 40-44
Place: 3rd AG/21st overall
Pre Race: Same ol' for a sprint, waffle w/ peanut butter and part of a banana. Got a good run in before to get the legs going on that chilly May morn. Set up T and stood around to listen to the lecture.
Local Knowledge and conditions: Great day for a race. Loved the new and improved run course and the bike course was fast and has a good challenge to it.
Race Plan/Strategy: Just go at it. I had a good swim/ run (7:02) at the McKinney sprint on  May 1st so I wanted to beat that on this faster course. Swim went well, altho I think anyone on the "far side" of the pool should have an extra 5-10 seconds taken off their time for having to run that extra distance. T1 was fast and got on the bike, but had trouble settling down to a comfortable pace. But once I got calmed down, I did ok w/ 20mph average. Will work on that.
T2 was good as well and started the run and my feet felt like stumps! Got it going and quickly caught the AGer that had crushed the bike and passed me at the end of the bike.
I managed a 6:34 5K pace and was very pleased!
Lessons Learned and Future goals: I am going to work my bike. I know I can be faster.
Also, I learned that patting Mrs. Diamond on the back is not enough when passing on the run...She yelled at me after the race and it hurt my feeling (I only have one)...:)
Other races on schedule: Summer Solstice DU, Disco OLY, RiverCities, TriRock and US Open

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