Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Classic Rock Race Report - Tim Hartley

Green Member: Tim Hartley
Event: Classic Rock Sprint
Location: Rockwall, TX
Class: M40+ Clydesdale
Results: 1st overall Clydesdale, 1st M40+ Clydesdale, 20th overall 
Local Knowledge and Conditions: cool with a decent wind
Pre-Race Strategy & Warm-Up: What's strategy?  I just knew I wasn't going to swim and then stand in the cool wind listening to race instructions.  Balance bar, 1/2 banana and a sports drink for breakfast.  
Lessons Learned:  Practice flying mounts.  On my first try I hit my right inner thigh on something and it smarted.  After the race others noticed a blood trail running down my leg - the comments were offensive!  
Race overall: not thrilled with my swim time; very happy with my bike split (tied for 5th fastest); and, pretty satisfied with my run because I was able to keep the first mile under 8 minutes and then was faster in both miles 2 and 3.  

Etc.: Billy rocks - thanks for the race.  Follow a training plan - to echo Heather, "Dawdy is the BEST in the business… he keeps me on track!"   As for you Ervin, keep talking smack ... makes me chuckle just thinking about it!  BTW, great to see Curreri back in action - that dude looks great and he had a great race (he'd be faster with the right coach!)

Tim Hartley

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