Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Metroplex & Dirty Rock ---- Brent McIlwain

Metroplex & Dirty Rock


Green Member:  Brent McIlwain


Event(s): Metroplex Sprint (Day 1)/Dirty Rock


Location: Lynn Creek Park/Rockwall


Class:  35-39


Results:            Metro: Reluctant Finisher

                        Dirty Rock: 22 Male Overall/7th AG


Local Knowledge and Conditions: 


Metro: Competed last year and is the location of a number of other races, so I knew the course.  First open water swim of the year.  There was very little wind early, and predictably warm.  I was about as expected on swim.  The bike was out and back across the damn, and I felt pretty good going out, but on the turn I noticed some pain as a result of a "wardrobe malfunction" and so I slowed up to see if I could adjust.  I could not get comfortable in the aero position, and knowing that I was going to race the next day, I decided to pull up and soft pedal in.  I considered abandoning the race after the bike, but the "chaffing" did not seem as bad when running, so I waited on Ervin's to get to transition and ran with him.  I think my T2 was over 7 minutes.  Ervin killed the bike and had a great race…glad I got to run with him and didn't quit!


Dirty Rock: Rode Squabble Creek twice last week, but having never raced in an off-road event, and having limited experience on a mtb, I was not sure what to expect.  While I am not a beast on the bike like Hartley, I agree that the single track course made for some interesting experiences.  After clearing trails 1 and 2 with no problems, I ended up right behind a guy for what seemed like forever…there were no openings for passing and he was not about to pull over…finally saw my chance and began to pass only to be clipped by him, which sent me over the handle bars and into some brush—I clearly informed him I was passing…..  After that, I was a bit tentative, passing only when I had a clear path…loved the course though.


Pre-Race Strategy & Warm-Up:


Metro:  Wanted to kill it on the bike and run and beat last year's time, but didn't work out as planned….always next year.


Dirty Rock:      No strategy other than try not to crash…


Lessons Learned:


Metro:  Test equipment in race conditions.


Dirty Rock:      Extra care in passing on a single-track mtb course.

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